Welcome to Dreaming with Danni! For many years I’ve been traveling, learning great travel tips & tricks, exploring lands near & far.. All in an attempt to experience as much as I can in this thing called LIFE!

I tried starting a blog previously, but I don’t think I was ready to share my world with the rest of the world yet. My friends & family kept asking when I would start this thing. But sometimes it’s tough for me to make the time to simply jot down my thoughts.. my life.. my recommendations.

Finding destinations that are not as widely trekked, then exploring and sharing is my passion. Hopefully I can turn that into something else pretty soon. Plus, my current journals/notebooks take up more space in my suitcase than my laptop would! And I always have my laptop! — *problem solved*

So! Welcome to my world! I hope you enjoy tagging along on my journey. Not only my trips, but also into my life. Namaste!