My Travel Essentials

Here are some of my travel essentials I can’t leave home without! Everything travel sized is the BEST!


  1. Beats Solo 3 (Wireless) – can’t get enough of the rose gold!
  2. Ear plugs
  3. A great book! Mark Nepo’s ‘The Book of Awakening’ has daily reads to keep you thankful for your beautiful life!
  4. Mary Kay Satin Lips – so moisturizing!
  5. Origins black charcoal mask (travel size of course)
  6. Green tablets! Spirulina & Chlorella (we all know that sometimes traveling can make you feel bloated & irregular).
  7. GoPro Hero5 & Karma stabilizer. A stabilizer will work WONDERS for you, I promise!
  8. Some type of lotion! My favorite scent happens to be the almond one!
  9. MustGear Sports Wipes – these individuals wipes are amazing on the road! They’re also infused with essential oils (Lavender-Lime, Eucalyptus-Lime & Peppermint-Lime). Find them here: MustGear Sports Wipes
  10. La Mer concentrated serum & moisturizer- some of my favorite facial products. I like the serum the most, a little goes a LONG way!
  11. Caudalie Beauty Elixir Spray – the perfect travel sized pick-me-up! I get mine at Sephora.
  12. Passport & Tiffany’s passport holder – I’m just a fan of classic Tiffany’s!
  13. Always. Carry. Snacks. KIND Bars are so easy to throw in a bag for a snack at any time!
  14. MacBook Pro. Self explanatory. In fact it’s just about time for a new one!
  15. A cute pair of sunnies! These are from VUILTS. I’m such a fan of the reflective mirror style. Ray Ban also has great sunnies too!
  16. Journal – write down all your thoughts, plans, etc. Sometimes the feeling of a pen on paper is nice! I plan a lot of my days in here or in my iPhone notes.
  17. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser – Fresh is another one of my favorite brands. I have yet to find a better facial cleanser than this! And they have travel sizes available at Sephora!
  18. Obviously… My iPhone! I keep everything stored in here. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why this is an essential.

What are some of your travel essentials that you can’t live without? I’d love to hear!