Touching Down in London Town

As we all hear the famous Estelle & Kanye song playing in our head: “Just touched down in London town..” it reminds me of when I was in London this past September on the last pitstop of a 2 week trip with a slew of good friends. We had previously visited Santorini, Mykonos, Morocco, Mallorca & Ibiza. So in retrospect, we were on a summer vacation then when we got to London we were a bit chilly & dressed not as appropriately.  Oops! But the world goes on, and we still had a great time. Plus shopping! Hello!

I had previously visited London back in 2010 (I think) so I had seen all the touristy places such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Abbey Road, etc. So of course, I wanted to visit some new places that I had not yet seen.

My favorite spot was the Sky Garden, which actually opened January 2015, after my last visit. It may be a bit touristy, but honestly who can resist an amazing view?! Oh, and I didn’t even mention it yet, but admission is FREE! Can’t beat that! The only requirement is that you need to reserve your ticket in advance since only a certain amount of people are allowed inside each day at each time.

View from Sky Garden

View from Sky Garden


Hello sunshine!

Hello sunshine!

So I arrived maybe 10 minutes after my ‘scheduled time’, which was no problem, they didn’t seem to mind. There was actually an explosion in the tube that morning I was heading over, thankfully it was a little outside of London City and I was not affected by it. Still scary, however! I went through their security & metal detectors. I believe there was a size limit on bags you can bring in. I had a medium size backpack and it was no problem.


Up the elevator I go.. 34 stories. It’s actually the 6th tallest building in London City (12th in London). I’ve finally arrived. It’s a super spacious beautiful indoor garden! Of course the first thing I did was go outside on the observation deck. Wow! What a sight! **tip** They have a sign that says ‘No Selfie Sticks’– I didn’t have a ‘selfie-stick’ but I sure did have my GoPro Karma stabilizer. Security ended up telling me I had to disconnect it. I won’t bore you with the story of trying to explain to him that it was NOT in fact a ‘selfie-stick,’ but I didn’t win that argument.. So I put it away.

After taking in the beautiful views, I decided to get a Mint Tea & a cheesecake bar. It was absolutely delicious! I relaxed inside taking in the view for a bit before I decided to explore the rest of the Sky Garden. I felt like I was in Singapore. Ok, well I actually haven’t been to Singapore but it did make me think of that beautiful garden there! There’s also a very pretty bar on the back side & as well as a restaurant, but I didn’t bother going to either. I think I read mediocre reviews online. Plus the tea and dessert was plenty for me. They did have a wide variety of things to eat and drink at the bar that I will have to find some photos of!

Recommended time at the Sky Garden: 1 hour

Worth Seeing? Yes!